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Helping the Innocent - Saving the Abused - Giving Life

Saving Animal Life

Equine Rescue Outakuntrol is a rescue and sanctuary with volunteer staff dedicated to saving abandon, abused, neglected, starving, slaughter bound horses. Within our capability all breeds of horses are accepted into our shelter. They deserve our help.

We provide Life Saving Veterinary care, vaccines, farrier serivces, shelter, feed, minerals and training to rehabilitate any animal in need. We find loving forever adoptive homes for these animals after rehabilitation. Old non adoptable horses live the remainder of their lives here at our sanctuary with Special Care.





Equine Rescue Outakuntrol's sanctuary is available with holding pens for horses and livestock. Located at 17037 Caliente Creek Road. CALL AHEAD for Availability 661-867-0310


Animal Mobile Emergency Evacation Unit - Funding Needed

Equine Rescue Outakuntrol has developed a Mobile Animal Emergency Evacuation Unit. A free community service to serve Kern County and surrounding areas. We are actively seeking foundation grants to purchase a mobile response trailer. A grant award is critical to the success of this animal emergency response unit.

Our Goal is to provide state of the art equipment and resources for animal evacuation support in the event of a disaster, we will assist the public, emergency response personal and local animal controls, Set a on site temporary shelter and keep a log of lost and found animals.

ERO is very committed to this community service to help all animals that perviously had to be left behind in a disaster ie:wildfire, flood, earthquake. We have dedicated qualified volunteer personnel ready to respond.

We currently host disaster prevention awareness in rural community's to distribute Animals in Disasters Preparing for Emergency's Literature.

Show You Care for the Companion Animals of Kern and Surrounding counties By Making a Contribution Now! Click the secure Paypal link above, Your Donation is tax deductable! Thank You




1. If you witness animal abuse or neglect, contact your local animal control, law enforcement agency or 661-867-2508 all calls to this number are confidential.

2. Prepare for disasters. Make sure you have a plan for your pet in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster.

3. Make sure your pet wears an identification tag to enable him to be returned to you if lost or found.

4. Plan for your pet's future in case something happens to you.

5. You can help animals find new homes by volunteering at your local animal shelter or rescue.


REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE - 661-867-2508

Horses are being abandon and left starving at alarming rates. The time is now for you to help stop the abuse. Your donation/support will further our rescues ability to rescue, feed, shelter and administer emergency medical services to horses in need. Horses are dying daily due to the abuse and neglect from our unpredictable economy. We receive up to 15 calls per week from families going through financial hardships whom no longer can afford to feed a horse, pleading for us to accept their family friend into our sanctuary. There is a tremendous responsibility in a horse rescue, it is a lifetime commitment and we rely on donors to succeed. 





Animals & Emergency Evacuation


Our Board Members are Certified by FEMA in National Emergency Training for Animals in Disasters and Community Planning. If you are interested in attending one of our Emergency Evacuation Preparation Information Sessions, Please contact us, Our point of interest changes monthly.


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